Progress Report- Jan 11- Group and Individual

  • Summary of task completed
  • I made chart that lists all types of careers and sub jobs in each career and the difference in pay for each job. For instance I did lawyers, and listen differnt types such as tax lawyer, family lawyer and  criminal lawyer. In this comparison I also listed the difference in the incomes. I did with doctors and dentist as well.  Throughout my research I noticed that an  Anesthesiologist makes quite a bit of money they average US$105,402 to US$395,672. I also managed the group by assigning everyone a job that I felt they would be able such as  I gave everyone one question and they were assigned to answer it with their own opinion and find any other opinions online and research each question with a scientific answer as well.
  • Difficulties or struggles experienced thus far in the project.
  • So far the only problems we have is trying to get the word out about our instagram page. But in order to start the process I went ahead and sent follow requests to a big majority of the people in our school. And manvinder has been spreading the word outside of school through his own account. And Gurjiwan has been facing a few with trying to find a catchy hashtag but we all have been helping each other.
  • Highlight learning that you have found interesting.
  • Overall I found it interesting how there are so many differnt types of jobs within other jobs and that they all have  quite the income.
  • Indicate what you are going to do going forward.
  • In the next couple of days we’re gonna finale a hashtag and get more followers on instagram, get the word spreading and start encouraging more people to comment on the page.
  • What are so goals for the project?  What are you trying to achieve?
  • Our  goal at the moment is to get more followers we would like to hit one thousand by  sunday , and we will hit this by spreading the word around the school and also to people outside of the school. d2a9e94614522cb6172bad53cac8ce35

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